Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – Culinary Grade – 50 gr. Tea Produced in Japan, Uji, Kyoto. Use for Cooking…

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✔ PROPERTIES OF MATCHA GREEN TEA: Rich in catechin, an antioxidant that prevents aging of cells. Matcha has a high content of theanine, an amino acid capable of stimulating the brain by reducing stress and anxiety, and able to increase concentration. University of Colorado Studies show that a cup of Matcha contains 20 times the antioxidants present in a normal cup of green tea.
✔ BENEFITS OF MATCHA TEA: (1) Theanine increases concentration, reducing anxiety and nervousness. (2) Helps weight loss and is recommended as a supplement in the daily diet. (3) Catechin helps protect the cells and other molecules in the body against damage from free radicals. (4) High content of fibres, chlorophyll, amino acids, and vitamins A, K and E. (5) In combination with caffeine, theanine increases brain alpha activity and stimulates concentration
✔ CULINARY GRADE MATCHA: Our Matcha tea represents the essence of green tea. Traditionally used in Japan, it stands out compared with other green tea for its bright green colour. The tea leaves are protected from sunlight for 20 days before harvesting. This method keeps the levels of theanine and chlorophyll in the tea intact and high.

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