Tokyo Matcha Selection – Japan Crafts Oshima : Urushi Chazutsu [Short] – Gold Line Short & Smart – tea canister caddy… Price: £198.38 (as of 07/08/2022 14:29 PST- Details)

About Yamanaka lacquareware: eLacqurewaref is a traditional Japanese craft made from wood coated with lacqure painting.
Yamanaka lacqureware is made by ecompletely devided labor processf ,which is very rare in modern day in Japan. Because of the intense labor and artistry, each artisan shows his pride and strong technique in each process.
The process can be divided into following 6 stages.: 1) fWood carvingf – Making the wood base in a rough complete shape – 2 ) eFinish carvingf – Using a potterfs wheel to carve (or grind) for fine and delicate details. … With this potterfs wheel grind, Yamanaka lacqure is believed to be the best technique in Japan.

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