Neuteeland 5000 g China Pai Mu Tan Organic Price: £6.60£84.00 (as of 09/08/2022 20:43 PST- Details)

Also called white tea. A light green leaf which is not rolled. After picking the leaf is not or only lightly rolled. Therefore it does not break and thus does not ferment. It remains unbelievably light and mild. If you use 50% more tea leaves and brew it only for one or two minutes, it becomes jaunty, tasty but remains sweetish and soft. Harvested in spring. From Fuding in Fujian province. Fujian has a mild oceanic climate with light rain throughout the year. The quality grade is 6901.
Organic, certified by Öko-Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-060(You find the organic Logo among the item pictures.)
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